Clark The Band and the Wooden Stars

There are several fine ways I like to find new music (none of them are listening to the radio): first is the mix-tape or verbal recommendation by a friend (now includes the blog-post, I suppose). Second is total randomness: this is fun but crazy and irregular. Third is the family-tree mode, which is my favourite: who else has X played with (not the LA punk band – the algebraic stand-in)? who produced them? who do they like? who was inspired by them?

I’ve been very YellowJacketAvengery this last couple weeks, and that has led me to some very nice new discoveries. Today’s discovery also ties into the Rheostatimania I reexperienced after their final show in March: John Tielli leads Clark the Band and has worked with mister Pye and is brother to Martin. I hadn’t realized the brotherly connection til I listened to it – it’s very evident at times in the voice. The record’s good – nice sounds, good songs, pretty rockin. I will be keeping an eye on these cats, and hope to catch them live at some point. Here’s a track:

Metropolis, by Clark the Band, from The Woods.

I’ve also been led – again by both bands – to The Wooden Stars. Their latest record, a seriously great one, is called People Are Different. The Rheos connection is that they recorded Saskatchewan for the Zunior-organized Secret Sessions tribute album.

The YJA connection is deep and compelling, although I don’t fully understand it: they cite YJA as an influence; the singers (there are two) sound, when combined, a lot like Geoffrey Pye; and there’s a track on their The Very Same album called Farewell to the Yellow Jacket Avenger. I tried to find more info (for a little while) but couldn’t. If you have, do share.

Here’s a swell track from People Are Different: Pretty Girl

All of the stuff in this post can and ought to be purchased for fair prices from Zunior.


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