Buying Records: Part Next.

Zunior, the fine Canadian online album selling site, had a sale last weekend (for Canada Day). I actually waited for the sale, and on the day, I spent an hour looking through the virtual bins and bought myself a bunch of new records.

The day before this, Sam the Record Man went out of business forever, finally. I did go by and look for something memorabilia-ish but the shop had lost its teeth a couple years ago. Flipping through every single record in the rock bins was how I spent Saturdays when I was young… So I’ll miss you, Sam’s, and the records you sold. Rest in Peace. Long live rock and roll.

I like records – I mean the physical things. I still root through real bins for LPs, and up until pretty recently did the same with CDs. But I think this weekend marks a serious change for me, and it’s a weird one. One of the CDs I saw at Zunior was one I’d paid 25 bucks for a couple weeks ago; Zunior was selling it for 5 (on sale, 10 normally) – and I suspect the band makes comparable money for either of those sales. I took the CD artifact, loaded the music onto my iPod, and put the artifact onto my shelf. Was that worth 15 bucks? I like the music okay. The cover is nice, but not a big deal. Should I have bought the CD?

If it was an LP I might. I may be messed up, but I do buy LPs when it’s an option, and not because I’m an audiophile – I’m not. I like records, even though they’re real hard to put on an iPod. But I’m not sure I need many more CDs. And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Certainly the end of the artifact started with the end of vinyl. CD covers can be nice, especially when they’re nice and cardboardy, but they’re not awesome like a gatefold LP package, and the artwork is just as nice on a computer screen as it is on the CD package. I’m not anti-movement – things go forward as they fall apart, and nothing can be done about it. So I’m not reallllly resisting – just noticing and complaining. Kvetching.

Anyway, here’s something I own on vinyl (with a slightly different cover) but wanted to post about. So I got it for $4.44 CDN plus tax, got a high-quality download which I know the artist will be compensated for (actually more from this sale than he did from the LP, cause I bought that used).

And it’d be a steal at twice the price: Bobby Wiseman, local right-on weirdo, from his first post BlueRodeo album, In Her Dreams: Bob Wiseman Sings the Songs of Wrench Tuttle. Both great songs.

Older Brother

Bhopal (Driftnet Plan)


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