The Best Story and the Best Joke

Seriously, all you need to hear today, right in one handy post! How great is that? The story is from the podcast/radio show I mentioned last week, Radio Lab, from WNYC, an NPR station. The episode of the show is on Detective Stories, and the story is the best story since that one about God. What? Go here to read about the episode, and to hear the whole thing, and to donate money to them. I’m gonna.

The Best Story.

I edited this with a free software thingee called audacity, from this site.

The joke is among the best-ever jokes, but it’s even MORE best-ever when it’s told by monkeys wearing clothes. Dig it:


1 Response to “The Best Story and the Best Joke”

  1. 1 Mom September 10, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    Jeff Clayton! I can’t believe you told your mom such a rude joke!
    Besides, I already heard it from Jim.

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