Enjoy What You Do

The youngest among my siblings is and always has been musically gifted – in one of those bizarre “Wow that chick is gifted” ways. At two years old she sat on my older brother’s piano bench and surprised us all by starting to play a song we’d sung that morning at church; one fingered, melody only, of course, but the weird thing was – and remains – that she did this without hitting any wrong notes. This has been her mode ever since.

She has an intuitive sense of how instruments work – seemingly any instrument. Years later she picked up a guitar at my dad’s place and picked out Fast Car (Tracy Chapman), again without the errors that you’d fairly expect. Later on again, she decided to learn the flute; since she had no one to show her how it went together, she figured it out on her own and learned to play – with the mouthpiece upside down and her fingers at odds with the usual setup – and plays it well. The bass, the drums, anything we’ve introduced to her, she has a natural ability and comfort with that is uncanny and pretty beautiful. She plays music all the time, and it is her favourite thing in the world.

The most recent time she visited me, she had decided she wanted to try recording some singing, which I had never heard her do. Being her odd and funny self, she chose a nutty tune to try – Wham Rap – which you can hear below. The track is made of samples from the original song and multiple tracks of her singing/ rapping/ laughing. The second tune was done on a lark, since we were having fun, and has her singing over the mp3 on multiple tracks; I was surprised and moved by how pretty it all turned out. Check it out.

Wham Rap – Joy & samples from the original

I Burn for You – Joy singing with a track from Sting’s Bring on the Night record


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