Catl: ¿Adónde vas? A ningún lado

Catl released their debut LP last night at a Silver Dollar shindig, to a large and excited crowd. I managed to make it out to the show, despite my weariness, accompanied by Old Man Kro, who was also wiped out. We had a couple of pitchers, said hi to friends, picked up the album – with cover art by Jeff Lemire – but only made it to about 12:30 before deciding to pack it in. I’m feeling old and lame today, but at least I’ve got a portable Catl now that I can listen to on my couch!

The album – ¿Adónde vas? A ningún lado – is great. I’m crazy about their take on Dylan’s Outlaw Blues (unbelievable guitar riff ) and gig-favourites A Pickup Killed My Ford and Hey! Hey! make the transition to record intact. This may be the best and most valuable thing about the record – the power of Catl performances, that 50s rocknroll blues punk  drive that gets dancers dancing and non-dancers bobbing, is captured perfectly. Here: click and listen. This is Outlaw Blues.

Catl are guitarist/singer Catl and drummer Johnny LaRue, and new member organ player Sarah Kirkpatrick (who joined after the record was finished). They can be witnessed frequently at the Dakota, and have a series of shows coming up this winter. Find out more at their MySpace page or at their label, ColeTrainMusic‘s webpage (the first retro-website page I’ve ever seen, complete with Comic Sans font and pixelated animations). I don’t know where the album can be purchased online – write the label, I guess – or get out to one of the upcoming shows.

Catl continue the release celebration tonight in Oshawa. Make it if you can. Have a nap first if you’re feeling old.


3 Responses to “Catl: ¿Adónde vas? A ningún lado”

  1. 1 alROC January 26, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    Loved your comments….you can actually order the catl album through the site via Paypal….just set that up over the weekend. Your review made my day.

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