Gold Star for Robot Boy

I don’t know if you, gentle reader, follow Canadian politics, but I have to declare: there are a lot of us here in Canada who are jealous of the Americans right now, since they’ve got President Barack Obama coming in and we have Prime Minister Stephen Harper up here. Stephen Harper, if you don’t know, was Bush’s willing but rejected lap dog – he holds the same ideals and plays the same ruthless game Bush played, but Bush ignored him pretty much because of the stance Chrétien took on the Iraq invasion.

Harper was a bitch to Bush’s government – Canada’s was the only Western country that did not demand its citizens back from Guantanamo, for example. But Stephen Harper and George Dubya Bush have much in common. Both are right-wing, free-market fundamentalists who don’t believe in global warming or evolution; both have a bent towards “family values” like bigotry and dominance; both lack imagination and empathy; both keep secrets from their country and change the rules when it suits them (fashionable these days all over); both would happily embrace fascism if that were fashionable or sustainable.

Harper plays a hard game, doesn’t care at all about integrity, and sadly, he’s the best leader a Canadian party has to offer the country. He’s had no opponents for the last couple of years: the leaders of the other parties here are a perfect storm of sad lameness. Even when Harper fucks up he’s turned it around to make himself look smart, relying on the shallow interests of the sated population and the power of the soundbite and the news cycle, and the weakness of the opposition.

And we here in Canuckistan were feeling so superior these last 8 years! We really thought we had it down, but now we see: it’s harder than we thought to make democracy work, especially when the “leaders” we elect are willing to smile and lie. There’s a new contender among the opposition now – Michael Ignatieff – but who on Earth would want the job of running any country during this new crapconomy thing? So Harper will get a pass as long as he only fucks with poor Canadians a little – like pulling day care money out of his new budget. That’ll only hurt the working poor, and who goes to war for the working poor?

Pray for us. Or laugh.

Here’s a song.

gold-star-for-robot-boy – Guided By Voices


1 Response to “Gold Star for Robot Boy”

  1. 1 McDonald February 27, 2009 at 11:51 am

    I hear you about Harper. What a douche. I’m an NDP voter, but I still have high hopes for Ignatieff. Thanks for the great song.

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