Rock and Roll Friend

This weekend, a great friend of mine died. He was a brilliant person, and I’m lucky to have known him. He shared music with me – about a million songs and records over the 11 years I knew him – and contributed his writing to the old Bad MonkeyX when he could have easily sold it somewhere else. He leaves behind a beautiful, strong wife / best friend and a trail of sad hearts miles long, and while he was here he lived a life of constant generosity and kindness and intelligence. I will strive to be more like him.

He and I talked about God sometimes, and life, and death. One night, drunk, on the way home from a show by Apostle of Hustle, he asked me what I believed, and I said that the only reasonable answer was I Don’t Know.

Now I hope desperately that there is a heaven, so I can see him again. He’ll invite me to sit down at a table where he’s engaged in cracking conversation with Kurt Vonnegut, who, while still gobsmacked and sheepish at being in Heaven, is ragging mercilessly on an even more embarrassed Norman Mailer. We’ll drink excellent and reasonably priced coffee, and then we’ll all shudder when we’re summoned on the PA back to Mandatory Shuffleboard With Jesus.

Til then: I miss you Derek. Thanks for everything.

Here’s a song from one of his fine mixes.


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