The Oh’s: Top Whatever (Pt 2): Monkey Power Trio

The Monkey Power Trio‘s story has been told here several times, including on the one and only (and infamous) podcast version of Bad MonkeyX – but here it is again in a nutshell.

Monkey Power Trio sent me a record to review waay back at the start of the Oh’s, no doubt because we both had simian names. I was quickly smitten by them, because the record was nuts, and it had balls, and because the MPT had a vow. Any band with a vow is okay by me. Their vow was (is) to get together once a year and record some spontaneous music and release it on a record – for the rest of their lives.

In between records, they aren’t a band. They don’t play, they don’t write, and I think they all live in different parts of the country. But when they do get together each year, and pull four or five songs out of their butts, they’re remarkable. Never slick, usually funny, generally cacophanous, and always flavoured with whatever madness made them agree to their vow in the first place.

For a while they sent me their records for free – which was, incidentally, the scheme behind starting an online reviews thing – but that stopped when they heard the podcast. Because they found out that I was listening to (some of) their records at the wrong speed. (Because they didn’t put the recommended speed on their records, and some of it was mental enough that I couldn’t tell. Hear the podcast for my side of the story.) At least some of the five man trio were mad; I thought it was really awesome and funny. Now I have to buy their records, but I made my mark on rock history, because they put the speed on their records now.

The Monkey Power Trio are on their 13th year now and going strong. I plan to follow their career for the rest of my life (or for the rest of theirs, whichever ends first). Below find several reasons you should get some MPT for yourself. I recommend Year Number 5: Chasing Monsters With Our Love.

I Run From Fights

Butt Science

Fatty Rocks

Gallon of Gin


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