Kevin Dunn found in Handy CD-Form Time Capsule

One of the better things I’ve had sent to me:  this Kevin Dunn  collection called No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985. I hadn’t heard of him before, but I’m glad to have, now: it’s cool stuff. Dunn was apparently an influential cat in the Athens new wave scene (he co-produced Rock Lobster in addition to having a band of his own called The Fans). The album’s a pet project of the Casa Nueva Industries label, run out of the basement of one Brad San Martin. You can read about Mister Dunn and this project here.

There’s nothing on this record that doesn’t sound exactly like its era: overall it hits a few clear comparisons – Gary Numan, Robyn Hitchcock, and early 80s Adrian Belew, with the freed-up approach to arrangement of Kevin Rowland (Dexy’s Midnight Runners). The music is alternatingly angular and wobbly, and pretty meaty for such synthy music. The music is tightly wound, beat rushing and layered, all overlaid with the snotty singing style of the time. Which I like.

Check out these couple of tunes, and then pick the record up from Casa Nueva when it’s released in May. Thanks to the label for sharing – this is a nice find.




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