A Free Idea

iTunes player needs a BACK button. You’re listening to music and you’re also scrolling through your collection – a fun thing to do, which you also do with your records. Say you’ve just discovered the rating system in itunes, and you think it might be a good way to cope with your overhuge collection of music, and you’re listening to a great song, and you’re clicking ratings on records, and you accidentally click on another song that you don‘t want to hear. You’re stuck. It’s a pain to find the other song again, and you really wanted to hear the whole thing! You’re frustrated!  You should be able to click the BACK button and go back. That’s what you’d do while surfing, and in other programs you can usually UNDO things you do wrong. Also, it would be very good if you could tag things in your own computer.

I hope Mac comes and reads this.


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