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Iranian Jazz from the 60s/70s – with Santoor!

M found this on Facebook – I overheard it from upstairs and got excited. I love the Santoor, and it plays beautifully in a trad jazz band. Also love that the second player is a woman.


Iranian Trad Party, Courtesy of the CBC

CBC celebrated Nowruz, the Persian New Year (the first day of Spring) last month by broadcasting a show that had taken place at the Lula Lounge a month or so before. The show was the first of what I hope will be an annual thing, featuring Toronto Iranians playing both traditional and mashed-up Iranian music. I call this a Trad Party (an ongoing feature here at MonkeyX) because there isn’t any of the generally brutal eurotrashy current Iranian pop music in the show.

I listened to this when it was on the radio, driving a hellish drive along the 401 to London (not dangerous – just awful) in a car without a cd player. When I flipped through the stations available as the Toronto signals faded, I was pretty thrilled to hear this music; it’s a great show, and it’s available on CBC (streaming) at this address. Dial in and dig it.



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