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Vic Chesnutt’s family could use a hand

Kristin Hersh – a collaborator and friend of Vic Chesnutt’s, Throwing Muses leader and more –  has put up a donation site benefiting (100%) Tina Chesnutt and the rest of his family, who need a hand: Vic Chesnutt was carrying large medical bills when he died. I’m donating, and think you should too. It’s Paypal, so it’s easy and small amounts are doable. Here’s the place to do it:

I discovered by going to that Hersh and cashmusic have a really interesting approach to paying (sustaining) artists: it’s a sponsorship-sort of involvement they’re asking for, where supporters contribute to the artist’s whole career instead of just buying an album or t-shirt. Reminds me of that NIN drummer’s offer to sell his music in different increments, with a top-dollar package where you got the album, a shirt, and he made you dinner or something. Great ideas both. If I could have supported Mr. Chesnutt this way I would have done it in a heartbeat – and there are other artists I’d do it for, too. Check it out if you’re interested.

But that has nothing to do with the Vic Chesnutt request. They’re just taking the donations there because they’ve got the ability to handle Paypal and etc. 100% of donations will go where they’re meant to go.

Here’s another song, if you were looking for one:

Panic Pure, performed by Kristin Hersh and Vic Chesnutt




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