Musique Fragile 01: Yum.

Some time in in the past I posted a song by Nick Kuepfer. Remember? Well, I bought the set, finally, and it is seriously wonderful. The set is Constellation Records’ collection “Musique Fragile 01”, and it is exactly the sort of art piece that gives me an art boner. It’s a 3 record boxed set … well, let them tell you.

The first edition of our Musique Fragile series presents three self-produced records by three local/regional artists we’ve been following for a while. Taken together, to our ears (and hearts) these albums trace overlapping circles of Hermetic music – in the literal definition of the term: works that were conceived/executed in different forms of isolation (physical, artistic) and also each in its own way invoking a sense of esoteric mysticism (Hermeticism in its more ‘spiritual’ connotation) .

from the Constellation website

The set is beautiful: the box and each of the record sleeves are screen-printed, and each record sleeve is stuffed with postcards, posters, and the record on CD. The vinyl is heavy and pristine. Very fetishy.

I just got it, and am currently stuck on the Nick Kueper album (Avestruz). It’s an avant garde field-recordings thing, dissected and multitracked into short beats and sound-collages, totally fascinating and full of aural depth. It was apparently recorded over half a year in Argentina and mixed on a laptop. While the field-recording aspect is clear and present, it is not the main point, I think: the recordings seem to have been sampled in wee little bits of atmosphere and the music is thoughtfully arranged, so that this record seems a composed work, just made of real sounds.

Here’s a track to entice you. It’ll take me a while to digest this thing, and more posts could follow. For now, dig this and think of me, happy in the basement listening to records with an art boner.

Or think of something else.

Tail Still Moves – Nick Kueper


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