Hello, CD Listeners. Goodbye.

The Info Pusher sent me this article, which announces that major labels are going to stop manufacturing CDs next year! I assumed this would happen, but not this soon. While I stopped buying CDs about 5 years ago, and always preferred the LP, I feel oddly stricken with a strange panic. What will my mother do? My sister who has never downloaded anything? What will happen to the CD shops that remain? How will we give music as a gift (to those majority who don’t have a record player)? Will blank CDs fade out too? It’s another great shake up in an industry that’s been trembling and shuddering for a famously bad decade.

Just wanted to mention it. Big news.

Here’s something that would not exist without the CD (for better or worse):

The Jello Fund – Lemonheads (from Come on Feel the Lemonheads)


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